Changes Since 1.0

Only a few things have changed in the Theme API since 1.0.

New Ways to Access Properties from BTWrapper

Version 1.1 adds a propertyHTML() method that returns pre-escaped property values, and a new native JavaScript property syntax. For more information, see Accessing Properties in a BTWrapper.

To go along with the new escaping mechanisms, version 1.1 introduces a Bowtie.escape() method, which performs the same escaping that is performed by the propertyHTML() method.

Platform-Specific Themes

It is now possible to create themes that behave differently depending on the platform (ie, you could create a theme that uses fancy hardware-accelerated CSS animations on Snow Leopard, but falls back to JavaScript animation on Leopard). For more information, see Platform-Specific Themes in the Info.plist Key Reference.

Other Changes

The only other notable change to the Theme API in version 1.1 is the addition of the Player.isConnected() method, which replaces the Player.iTunesRunning() method (deprecated in 1.0).