Changes Since 1.1

Only a few things have changed in the Theme API since 1.1.

New Info.plist Keys

A couple of new Info.plist keys have been added in 1.2.

Theme Ready Event

Bowtie 1.2 introduces a new "Theme Ready" event, fired immediately after the theme has been fully loaded. On OS X, it is similar to the DOM "onload" event. For more information, see Theme Ready.

New API Methods

One new API method has been added in 1.2.

Platform-Specific Info.plist Keys

Bowtie 1.1 introduced the ability to provide separate Info.plist files for different platforms (ie, "Info.plist", "10.5.plist" for Leopard, "10.6.plist" for Snow Leopard, etc.). Now, in Bowtie 1.2, you can provide platform-specific settings all within the main Info.plist file.

For more information, see Creating Universal (Multi-Device) Themes.