Changes Since 1.3

There have only been two additions to the Theme API since 1.3.

New Info.plist Key: BTMinimumVersion

The BTMinimumVersion key has been added to allow themes to restrict their usage to newer builds of Bowtie. For instance, if a theme requires features available only in (the currently fictitious) Bowtie 1.6 or newer, you can set this value to "1600" (the build number for Bowtie 1.6), and any attempts to install your theme on an older version of Bowtie will result in an error message urging the user to upgrade.

Note of course that since this feature was only introduced in 1.4, using the value 1400 here is nearly pointless (since no versions prior to 1.4 will be able to enforce this restriction).

New Player Method:

The method returns the name of the current source in Bowtie. It is an alias to Bowtie.currentSourceName() (introduced in 1.0).